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Hala 🤝 United Nations

Since 2020,

5000 M
100 +
Fleet Size

What are SDG’s?

Affordable & Clean Energy

Sustainable Cities & Green Communities

Climate Action


Affordable and Clean Energy.

Hala Mobility provides electric vehicles for rent and offers services like finding the right charging stations, service centers, and swapping stations. (Rent starting at INR 1000/week)

Hala Mobility has collaborated with RACEnergy to deploy a fleet of 2500+ electric two-wheelers for delivery services across India. This fleet will be integrated with RACEnergy’s state-of-the-art battery-swapping technology.

Log9 Materials and Hala Mobility partner to deploy 1,500 fast-charging electric two-wheelers.

With 15K happy customers, Hala have already covered 19.2M Eco Rides. These initiatives contribute to reducing fuel consumption and promoting cleaner, greener transportation services, thereby paving the way for the green cities of the future.


Sustainable Cities and Communities

With 3 hubs and 20 charging stations in Hyderabad, Hala allows you to move around the city in a comfortable and sustainable way.

The Future of EV's is powered by Hala's very own E-Maas Platform.

We at Hala, already have created more than 500+ Job opportunities across various businesses, segments and Industries helping people move towards the sustainable way.


Climate Action

Saving 2500 Metric Tonnes of CO2 emissions, Hala Mobility is on a mission to move India toward sustainability with a zero carbon footprint.

Till now, we successfully reduced the consumption of 1 million liters of petrol, leading to a substantial savings of INR 100 million in fuel expenses.

Till now, we have covered 52 million green kilometers with over 60,000 battery swaps a month.

And EVs are silent too.

The Hala Way

How Hala Helping Businesses⚡

Here are Top 3 ways are helping businesses, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Carbon Footprint

Economic Growth

Sustainable Tomorrow

The Eco Way

How is Hala helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint? ⚡

Sustainable First & Last Mile Mobility
Reducing Operational Costs
Lower Maintenance Costs
Efficient Energy Use
Promoting Sustainable Travel
Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels
Helping Reduce Co2 Emissions
Meeting ESG Goals

Hala Growth Impact communities

The Future we need
Breaking Barriers
Policy & Partnerships
Green Miles
Tech & Innovation

Do you want to make your Business ESG Complaint?

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